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Thursday, June 20, 2013




kehatein hain log jise pyaar! mohaabat!

aaj ek sirf dil ka sauda hain....


mohabat nahin hain kisi ko aaj dil mein!

baas saab matalab ke pojari hain.......


pyaar ke naam par nafart nibhatein hain saab!

pyaar to dur ki baat ,dosti nahin nibhatein hain ....


keha yeh dost kya yahi pyaar hain!

dard hain hartaraf, khushi kaha hain....


mohabat karna Sikh pyaar pe marna Sikh!

jo bin matalab ka pyaar karein ,woh dil ko leta jit ...


The sun shine bright but there is no light!
the light is with you and I not with you.......
The stars tinkle with their radiant spreading over the blanket!
but my blanket of life is empty without you here.........
Everyday I tell myself you may come today!
but there is no you ,just the gentle breeze pass away......
I see the leaves with envy in me!
they get the touch of air and smile at me.....

Sunday, June 16, 2013


mere dil mein aaj kya hain,
main tujhe kaise bataau....
aakhon ke dard ko,
tumhein main kaise dikhau...
tere saat jeene ka vada kiya,
tere bahon mein marne ki aas rakhi....
yeh aas aas hi reha jayegi,
baas aadhuri si main mar jaaungi ....
tujhe chu kar aakhon mein dard raha gaya,
baas teri khushaboo is jism mein rah gaya....



How shall I say dear! what's in my heart,

how shall I show you dear! the pain in my eyes....

I promised myself to live my life with you,

hopes to take my last breath in your arms....

Now that you have left this hope will never come true,

my death will be an incomplete journey and I'll never be through....

Touching you has left the pain in my heart,

your fragrance has not touched my body but my soul....

Tell me how shall I go through this pain,

the pain I fear would ,will always remain....

Give me your hand, the holds me through,

the love I fear to lose will take me through....

There to the land of painless life,

life beyond the horizon of the given life....

Saturday, June 8, 2013


What shall I complain to you now…..

That my heart is already broken!

You are already away from me,

Away from me in the name of your duty….

All the sunshine is gone with you,

Now there’s nothing left in my heart…..

Whatever was there in it!

There in it is given it to you…..

You not being there,

Even my dreams have left me….

There is no love for me,

No love deserving for me……

If I could! I could die with your memories in my heart,

If your love holds my hand ever again,

life would be only with you and you only….


I wanted a person in my life who could love me forever!

Where shall love exists for someone, when my heart has become empty.

Love was there!

Love is there!

Love will always exist!

Only for me it doesn’t show and I alone for it do not exists.

Living life without you, My love!

I can never imagine!

Give me a means to live,

Keeping me into your winding!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hum bekhabar hotein


Hum bekhabar hotein ,ke pyaar kya hota!

Dil mein jaagati yeh ehsaas kya hota!!

Hum dur kinarein par taharkar, is duniya ko dekhatein!

Pyaar kya hota who jaan nahin paatein!!

Tum aayein zindagi mein jab,who ehsaas jagein tab!

Pyaar kya hota hain who ehsaas ko jaana aab!!

Aakhon se aasu behatein jab!

dil mein khushi ka ehsaas hota tab!!

Tujhe khabar nahin mere yaara ke tune kya kar diya,

Is jiti jagati laash mein tere pyaar se jaan daldiyaa……

Yeh jaan teri hain jaana teri zindagi ki aamanat hain,

Tera saaya hu main, tere dhadakan jaha dhadake who dil hu mein…..  



I would never realize what love is,

Never knowing what the feeling of love would be….

I would end up standing on the shore looking at the world,

Never realizing what love actually means….

The day you stepped into my life ,

was the day I felt love….

When tears rolled down my eyes,

My Heart felt the true happiness of life….

You don’t have a hint MY LOVE of what you have done,

You put the soul in my empty existence………